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"It tastes just like chicken!" — Barbara Corcoran


As Seen On The Food Network!

Valerie Bertinelli features Vegan Chicken Salt!

JADA was featured on "Valerie's Home Cooking" show on The Food Network. You can watch the full episode, and learn how to make your very own delicious, Australian-inspired Chicken Salt Chips!

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This stuff is amazing! If you’re looking for a delicious, quick, and healthy meal for your family you won’t be disappointed. I Iove that’s it’s unseasoned that way I can make different meals with different flavors.

Sam, Plant-Based Chick'n Mix

I’ve been a vegan for many years and have tried countless meat substitutions. Let me tell you this is one of the best! Even my meat eating husband and son loved it!!! Bonus it’s not filled with all kinds of artificial junk!

Danny, Porkless Mix

When I first got this stuff I thought, ok, it tastes good on popcorn. Then I added it to potatoes. Then veggies. Then water... Then grapefruit, chocolate, cereal, cinnamon raisin toast... and I realized I had a problem.

Laurica, Chicken Salt 5-Pack