Our Story

"Encouraging healthier home cooking!" In a world full of processed foods and unhealthy ingredients, this is a mission that we at JADA Brands pride ourselves on.  We all know eating right and maintaining a healthy diet are difficult tasks, so we're doing all the hard work for you so you can focus on enjoying what you love best!

Founded by Khasha Touloei, as he was training to be a physician, he noticed his high blood pressure and diabetic patients would never stay compliant with their diet. Growing up in Australia, he started thinking about how his mother would get him to eat the foods he didn’t want; she would add Chicken Salt to all his meals. Chicken Salt is a phenomenon in Australia. He started thinking of how he could get his patients to stick to their diets. According to the American Heart Association, we get 70% of our sodium from processed foods. He took the Chicken Salt from Australia, made it vegan, decreased the sodium, took out the MSG with a goal of trying to encourage healthier cooking. By reducing consumption of processed foods we could help people eat healthier, especially patients with high blood pressure and diabetes. Maynard Okereke and Khasha became friends at the University of Washington in 2002 and set a goal of trying to create a business that would make an impact in the lives of others.

We often overlook how important seasonings are to our meals until we try one without them. Regular all purpose seasonings and basic table salts on the market can give our foods great flavor, but at what costs? High sodium levels, MSG, and other unnatural ingredients plague the seasoning world, yet we continue to use them to cook our "healthy" dishes. With JADA Spices' line of turmeric based all purpose seasonings, you can now spice up your meals without compromising your health.

But why stop at seasonings? To truly live up to our mission, we felt it was important to develop a whole new product line that could provide you with options just as versatile as your taste buds. Our innovative Plant Based Chick'n mix is the next evolution in cooking, allowing you to develop a wide range of recipe ideas.

With firsthand knowledge of the challenges that healthy eating presents, we've taken our experiences to create a product line that you can not only trust, but count on to provide you with perfectly sourced, clean, simple ingredients. Spend less time reading a label with additives, and more time in the kitchen cooking!


It's been quite an incredible journey over the past few years. From creating our seasoning blend from scratch in an apartment while doing a residency to traveling to Chicago to demo at our first ever vegan festival to now being able to present our business to a panel of billionaire moguls on Shark Tank! The rush of adrenaline we experienced at this moment was the culmination of years of hard work and sacrifice. We couldn't be more excited to deliver a brand to the globe that can surely have an impact on people's lives and health. We're even more excited to see what the future has in store from here. Thank you for your continued support!