Plant-Based Porkless Mix

Introducing our brand-new Plant-Based Porkless Mix! Our innovative dry-mix requires NO refrigeration. Just add oil and water and shape into anything you’d like. The Porkless Mix comes lightly seasoned so feel free to pair with our Vegan Chicken Salt seasoning or Turmeric Salt for an extra sprinkle of spice. Possessing the subtly sweet and savory taste of pork, this mix cooks up delightful crumbles or sausage links for breakfast, vegan meatballs or cutlets for dinner, and/or any other dish that calls for pork.

Plant-Based Chick’n Mix (Unseasoned)

As Seen On ABC’s Shark Tank! “It tastes just like chicken!” - Barbara Corcoran (5-star symbol) Our innovative dry mix is a vegan meat alternative to chicken that requires NO refrigeration. Just add oil, water and the seasoning of your choice. It pairs well with our Vegan Chicken Salts! Our Plant-Based Chick’n Mix shapes into any entree you’re craving: patties, chick’n nuggets, tenders, and more! It is perfect for vegan burgers, pasta, cutlets, and/or any other dish that calls for chicken.


Plant-Based Mediterranean Chick’n Mix

Our brand-new Mediterranean Chick’n Mix is perfect for composing vegan chicken breast for Greek salad, gyros, falafels, pasta, or any other dish that calls for vegan chicken. This flavor-forward mix, featuring spices like garlic and onion, requires NO refrigeration... Just add oil and water and shape into any entree you’re craving.

Chicken Salts

As Seen On ABC’s Shark Tank! Spice up your everyday meals with JADA’s Vegan Chicken Salts — offered in five mouthwatering flavors: Original, Reduced Sodium, Lime, Red Pepper and BBQ. Use as a table salt, rub or bouillon. JADA’s Chicken Salt is an ALL-PURPOSE, vegan, parve seasoning made with unrefined sea salt, turmeric, onion powder, and garlic powder. Our Chicken Salt Original has been featured on The Food Network by Valerie Bertinelli!


Turmeric Salt

As Seen On ABC’s Shark Tank! JADA’s Turmeric Salt is the only of its kind on the market: seasoned with a savory blend of sea salt, herbs and spices while also providing anti-inflammatory benefits that come with the warm, bitter and nutritious herb. Made in the USA!

Turmeric Salt is an ALL-PURPOSE, VEGAN seasoned salt made with a savory blend of sea salt, herbs, and spices. Turmeric is a warm, powerful, and bitter herb known for its many nutritional, health, and anti-inflammatory benefits. Mixed with onion, garlic, and spices, Turmeric Salt is a delicious and nutritious all-purpose seasoning!