How To: Plant-Based Chick'n Mix

Introducing JADA's Plant-Based Chick'n Mix


Quick & easy instructions:

  • Place JADA Chick'n Mix in medium bowl. Season lightly. Our Chick'n Mix has a neutral flavor.

  • Add 1 cup of water to the whole bag & 1 tablespoon of oil.

  • Mix until well combined. THAT'S IT!

  • Now form into any shape you would like  (cutlets, patties, meatballs, you name it!)

  • Season to taste with our Original Chicken Salt or flavor of your choice.

  • Pan-fry on medium heat until golden brown (with oil if needed)

  • Add to your favorite dishes!

Stay tuned for more great recipes and be sure to share yours!

*Using half a bag of mix? Use half a cup of water and half a tablespoon of oil. The rest of the dry mix can be stored in your pantry!


  • Super crumbly. The patties fell apart even though i followed instructions

  • How about cooking instructions for the oven? Temperature…time…Would be helpful to your customers.

  • How kong do you cook it in the airfryer?

  • How many servings do you get Fromm 1 box? Can the “chicken “ be back or must it be fried?

    Virginia Schilpp
  • Watched in Shark Tank.

    Donna Mills

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