Know The Facts: Vegan Chick'n vs. Chicken

Vegan Chick'n Mix

Are there any perks to being plant-based?

We're going to break down the facts between our Plant-Based Chick'n Mix versus the generic chicken breast you'd buy at your local grocery store. You might be surprised to find that a meat-alternative mix can provide more nutrients than the meat itself.

Let's break it down per serving... 
Chicken vs. Chick'n


197 calories

8 grams of fat

84 mg of cholesterol

330 mg of sodium

0 grams of fiber

29 grams of protein

5% of daily iron

Requires refrigeration

Comes as packaged

JADA Chick'n

120 calories

1.5 grams of fat

0 mg of cholesterol

170 mg of sodium

1 gram of fiber

21 grams of protein

6% of daily iron

No refrigeration

Shape as anything!


The takeaway? JADA's Plant-Based Chick'n provides a meat-alternative that has ZERO fat, ZERO cholesterol, less calories, and half of the sodium intake. Not only does it have nutritional benefits, but our dry mix requires no refrigeration and allows you to create a chick'n shape of your choice — whether it's nuggets, burgers, or tenders!

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Per 100 grams cooked

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