Chicken Salt Is Your (Healthy) Missing Ingredient

Does anyone else measure with their heart when cooking with seasonings? We know the importance of a delicious spice or seasoning to make the dish *chef’s kiss.* 

But what’s in those seasonings and spices you liberally sprinkle and consume? They taste great, but they often contain tons of salt and sodium. Unfortunately, with the wrong choice of toppings, your “healthy” meal can turn “unhealthy” quickly.

Vegan Chicken Salt Original

That’s why you need CHICKEN SALT in the cabinet! You shouldn’t have to sacrifice convenience or taste for a healthy diet. Chicken Salt is a pantry staple that will replace other unhealthy ingredients like high-sodium seasonings. 

Our Chicken Salt Original is a delicious blend giving the familiar chicken flavor, but without any chicken… It’s 100% vegan! That means you get the great taste without any animal by-products, MSG, or additives. We know, sounds kind of weird, but trust us. 

Chicken Salt Vegan Reduced Sodium

You might say, COO & Founder, Khasha Touloei, didn’t choose the chicken salt life… The chicken salt life chose him. It all started with his mom! When living in Australia as a kid, Khasha was a picky eater. Weren’t we all at a young age? Thankfully, his mother used chicken salt on his meals to make them tastier — and problem solved!

Later in life, Khasha saw a similar problem with patients having trouble sticking to their diets and sodium intake when he reflected on his love of chicken salt. He brought the blend from Australia, made it vegan, decreased the sodium, and took out the MSG. 

BOOM: A healthy option to encourage healthier eating! 

Chicken Salt Seasonings

Turn to chicken salt for a healthy alternative to table salt. Use it on your dinner AND your after-dinner popcorn. Don’t worry, chicken salt fits into almost every diet since it has zero sugar, soy, nuts, or MSG. It’s 100% plant-based and vegan friendly. 

Pick a flavor: Chicken Salt Original, Chicken Salt Red Pepper, Chicken Salt Reduced Sodium, Chicken Salt Lime, or Chicken Salt Barbecue and level up any meal.

Looking for some recipes? 

Vegan Hotdogs

Chick’n Fried Tofu 

Plant-Based Baked Chick’n Nuggets 

Chicken Salt Holiday Recipe

Not vegan? No problem. Chicken Salt is a great addition to breadcrumb mixtures for meat, on popcorn, over potatoes, and much more. 

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